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The Poetariat is a Black-led international poetry journal that exists to empower the voices of working-class poets all over the world who use their words to work for justice.

“Poetry is a political act because it involves telling the truth.”


Poets of the World Unite!

The Poetariat provides a platform for uniting poets across the forced boundaries of national borders. We provide a forum to showcase our common cause through the creative spectrum of our particular cultural selves. We seek a justice that is poetic – as poetic as our aspirations to be free. We seek a justice that is lyrical as our lives waging peace for the sake of this planet’s future.

Our Manifesto

A poet invested in telling a truth that exposes the duplicity of those in power is a poet ever at risk. Yet, even in the grim face of such risks, poets the world over are actively engaged in rewriting this reality anew. One may ask, “Why take such risks when the material rewards are so minuscule in comparison?” Because poetry at its essence is a revelation of what is most essential to being human – the will to be free. It is this revolutionary will that fires the heart of the poet who puts their words to work for justice. This is the reason and rationale for The Poetariat.